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Voraus bezahlten Guthaben abgezogen. Entsprechend schnell wird der Topf aufgebaut und erreicht innerhalb.


LLinusLLove Pokerspieler-Profil, LLinusLLove Online-Poker-Platzierungen und Internet-Pokerspieler-Statistiken auf pokerstars. Multi-Tisch: Linus „LlinusLLove“ Loeliger (BB): ( bb). Pre-Flop: () 4 players fold, Amadi_ (SB) calls , LLinusLLove (BB) checks. Linus Alarik Löliger ist ein professioneller Schweizer Pokerspieler.


Der Schweizer Linus „LLinusLLove“ Löliger spielt bei PokerStars bislang ein Wahnsinns-Jahr. Seine Cashgame-Gewinne auf den High-Stakes. #LLinusLLove Loeliger vince il main event #PokerMasters LLinusLLove e Charlie Carrel vencem nas Triton Series em Londres, confere as ➡. LLinusLLove Pokerspieler-Profil, LLinusLLove Online-Poker-Platzierungen und Internet-Pokerspieler-Statistiken auf pokerstars. Multi-Tisch:

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Top Pots ep8 $1k/$2k NLH Trueteller - LLinusLLove - fish2013 High Stakes Cash Game Highlights


And now imagine what it feels like to stick the landing so hard that you are a bonafide All Star by the age of If you follow PokerStars cash games, you might have heard of him.

He goes by the nom de guerre LLinusLLove. By now, you might have heard of the rake-free PokerStars All Stars battle playing out in invitation-only rooms.

A collection of PokerStars' most successful regs is going to be playing until the middle of next month to see who can top the best of the best in the PokerStars cash games.

Among the most active players in the rooms right now is the mysterious fellow, LLinusLLove. Only a couple of the All Stars have played more hands than he has as of this morning, and he's not about to back down.

Playing against opponents with no reads or statistics is a secure way to lose money. Never play unknown opponents again.

Be ahead of the competition with HHDealer. Find weak Opponents You don't need to be the best poker player in the world to make money at the tables.

All you need to do is to find a player that's worse than you. As far as I'm concerned at this point this whole this seems like empty accusations.

Tbh he sounds a little over-defensive. I think it's appropriate to take a serious tone when being accused of cheating.

I'm all for playfully banter on the internet, but this seemed like a good time for him to use his grown up voice.

Poker players are big sticklers for having a clean reputation from cheating, but being this aggressive with his defense almost adds credence to the accusations.

As someone with less than a year of experience, how exactly would someone cheat aside from colluding? Then, as soon as the flop is dealt, input those optimal ranges into a solver, give it a few seconds to run if you have an extremely fast computer , then play the rest of the hand according to the solver's strategies.

Or, pre-compute every postflop simulation as well, and simply load the one that corresponds to the current flop. Of course anyone familiar with technology knows both of these things are improving at a dizzying pace, even for what you can fit in your own home computer.

Either would result in you playing essentially perfectly and crushing even the most elite players without any of the mental stress of making good decisions.

Piosolver is way too slow to solve in real time. What most people do is run simulations, make a printout of common boards, and if they want to cheat This is more than just a step up from a push-fold chart.

An extremely complex board-specific mixed frequency strategy is super far from a static preflop push range.

The software merely aims to achieve an equilibrium against another equilibrium. This is less than half the battle. If you did this long enough, wouldn't you eventually basically memorize the correct decisions?

Essentially, yes. In fact someone who learned poker by mindlessly cheating this way for a year would probably be better than someone who learned poker just through training videos and content.

It's why if this is true I don't really think it is , then Linus could still be a strong reg on his own and be able to mimic GTO strat very accurately even live.

I think we will see the popularity of online play continue to fall as this becomes more prevalent. Bots, collusion etc etc are already abundant and its nearly impossible to stop.

Lol I wish there were more bots. I feel like every bad rec who can't beat 5nl says this kind of thing.

This mentality is killing the game more than boys are. As a husng pro currently transitioning away, in part because of things like this And it's naive to think that cash guys playing for x the stakes wouldn't have this sort of private software developed.

Not claiming Linus is using some software one way or the other, but it's extremely possible in principle to precompute all the boards and have software that can quickly reference the solution when a specific flop is input.

For an example of a tool like this commonly and legally used in hu and spins for study and review, see a program like InstaGTO. Although the game is so simple maybe it's an easier game to memorise anyway.

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That means the strategies you've learned throughout this series aren't something people knew 3 or 5 years ago, and you might be the only player making these adjustments in your games.

Finally, it seems that LLinus has been moving his strategies closer to GTO over the last few years, and he's playing a very solid game when it comes to c-betting on the flop I'm gonna put it to you over [the Play Like LLinus course] that he's just done an incredibly good job at selling this story.

Actually, he's exploiting the games he's playing in quite subtle but sometimes quite brutal ways, and he's doing that very impressively.

So, throughout [the LLinus course] I'm going to start looking at his game after he checks back the flop and we're going to start seeing that perhaps not is all as it seems.

I hope you enjoyed this free 5-part series from one of the most legendary cash game players of all time.

Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger: from $10NL Bankroll Challenge to $, WCOOP $25k High Roller Win. Ryan Riess had beaten 6, entrants to become the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event winner, Daniel Negreanu had won the WSOP Player of the Year award for an unprecedented second time, and a young poker enthusiast from Switzerland decided to. A couple hands after the recent elimination, Linus "LLinusLLove" Loeliger was all-in from the small blind and faced big stack Jean-Francois "bmwmcoupe" Talbot in the big blind. LLinusLLove Poker Statistics Statistics includes scheduled PokerStars MTT poker tournaments and PokerStars SNG tournaments. (SNG min. 36 players). * Please see coverage for what tournaments are tracked and included.
Llinusllove Linus Alarik Löliger ist ein professioneller Schweizer Pokerspieler. LLinusLLovePokerStars. Wohnort, Schweiz Schweiz · Pokerturniere. Höchstes Live-Preisgeld, 0'' $. Gesamtes Live-Preisgeld, 1'' $. Letzte Aktualisierung: Mai Linus Alarik Löliger (* oder ) ist ein professioneller Schweizer Pokerspieler. #LLinusLLove Loeliger vince il main event #PokerMasters LLinusLLove e Charlie Carrel vencem nas Triton Series em Londres, confere as ➡. Der Schweizer Linus „LLinusLLove“ Löliger spielt bei PokerStars bislang ein Wahnsinns-Jahr. Seine Cashgame-Gewinne auf den High-Stakes. Da Baccarat Method ihm so gute Odds bietet, ist der Call nach diesen Überlegungen mit Guts Sportwetten sogar mathematisch korrekt. Der Schweizer erhöht gleich recht deutlich um zwei Drittel des Pots und macht das Weiterspielen für Mateos so sehr teuer. Password recovery. Rainer Vollmar - 4. The rising skill level across even the smallest of Dazn FuГџball Bundesliga levels, they say. Let's get started. Loeliger, however, frequents TwoPlusTwo, where he often helped facilitate the movement of money between high-stakes regulars on various poker sites.
Llinusllove We use cookies in accordance with the “Cookie Notice”. Using cookies may lead to the process of you personal data. For more information about using cookies and blocking cookies in browser settings check out “Cookie Notice” here. The only website that fully covers high stakes poker. Find online results, player bios, poker news and even follow the games live. Linus Loeliger, better knowns as his PokerStars moniker LLinusLLove, is a Swiss professional poker player. His exact date of birth is not public, his Wikipedia page simply states he was born in either or LLinusLLove is known as one of the greatest online cash game players in the world. Linus Loeliger (born c. /) is a Swiss professional poker player who specializes in online No Limit Texas hold 'em (NLHE) cash games. Loeliger focuses almost exclusively on no-limit hold 'em. LLinusLLove is the 51st biggest poker winner on HighstakesDB. The poker player LLinusLLove was first discovered by HighstakesDB on the high stakes tables of PokerStars on Monday, May 9, Since.

In Live Online Casinos mit Paypal hast Statspins echtes Statspins zuhause. - Die größten Online Highstakes Gewinner und Verlierer dieser Woche

Mit besonderer Spannung wurde der Ausgang von

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Adrian Mateos hat mit 7-hoch eine Hand, die ohne Verbesserung mit an Sicherheit grenzender Wahrscheinlichkeit den Showdown verlieren wird.
Llinusllove We have made available the printable template of Statspins graph paper so that you can easily print in the desired sizes options. Again you're saying "some pros messaged me" without naming anyone and giving no Ted Casino Game to your bold accusations. Much more than just a poker blog Polls and Surveys. It's not incoherent at all. Poker Strategy Articles What happened to the legends of online poker? Fortunately, LLinus' recent strategy on monotone flops is quite similar to what you've learned from Alex in previous parts. It's called node Paypal Guthaben Auf Konto Гјberweisen Geht Nicht for Statspins solver. Better be careful not to click maximize window or the program will crash, lmao. Anybody can jump, but not everybody lands well. Reliable and Helpful We deliver poker hand histories since Linus 'LlinusLlove' Löliger has been on the top of the online NLH foot chain for several years now, earning the respect of Ayondo Social peers and fans alike. That dude is a massive GTO nerd in live play too. I actually am fairly Statspins gto in husngs and spins is much more Www Mercur Online De than gto in cash and mtts, but the thing with cash and mtts is there's a much wider variety of spots. While there may be some debate regarding whether he is right about that, there is no debate about how successful LLinusLLove has been.


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